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Dedication Makes the Difference

As a manufacturer of church chairs since 1977, thousands of churches have been dedicated with Chancellor church furniture chairs. We're dedicated because our products will be. We believe dedication makes the difference. business here.


 Chancellor Manufacturing has been an original chair supplier to churches since before it become popular. Our original design drawings are dated 1977 with our first order delivered in February 1979.

Since Chancellor's beginning, the emphasis has been on quality and good design and letting the costs fall where they fall. We have not been interested in being the biggest chair company; our desire is to be a well-managed, responsible and accountable one. We desire to be the head, not the tail and to be innovative and lead our industry.

We want to operate a safe environment for our employees, pay our suppliers promptly, keep excellent records, take care of our property and tools and do what we say we will do.

We desire to be a good neighbor, good citizen and to cheerfully pay our share of taxes. 


 Our intention has been to create a church seating system; it has not been to manufacture an attractive chair. The purpose was to have a package of 200 chairs speaking as one unit. We wanted it to have the appearance of pews or theater chairs but have the flexibility and cost effectiveness of stacking chairs.

Because of the serious nature of the subject being communicated, the chairs have to rival theater chairs in comfort.

Because of the normal life expectancy of worship seating, the system has to include durability features.  

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